Books I am Reading and Recommend

First, I want to tell you guys about a website that is very useful just in case you may not know about it,

It basically is a digital media service from your local library.  So you can borrow e-books, movies, music, audiobooks, comics and TV shows to enjoy on your computer, tablet, or phone.  It is very convenient and currently I want to let you all know what I am reading and what I have read in the past.  In my digital library I have:

  • The Microbiome Solution by Robyn Chuktan, MD
  • Eat Dirt by Josh Axe
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride and Claudia Theis-Passaro (This title is not on Hoopla but I do recommend it)
  • The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz

As I look back on my childhood,  I remember getting sick a lot.  Almost every time I got sick, I was prescribed an antibiotic.  I was never told to take probiotics or eat food rich in probiotics to restore the balance back in my gut.  It’s interesting that I never thought about the meaning of antibiotic.   Anti means against or opposed, and biotic, means life or living things/organisms.  Antibiotics kills all organisms, pathogenic and beneficial.  The human microbiome is like a fragile garden.  We are given the seeds to the beginning of our own microbiome when we are born traveling down the birth canal.  If your mother had a healthy gut you would inherit it and have the chance to build up a great immune system.   If not, your immune system would not be as strong and you would become more vulnerable to disease and infection and might experience a lot of problems later in life.  In some cases, many people could have inherited a healthy gut from their mother but it was thrown into disarray after multiple rounds of antibiotics over many years without ever getting the balance restored.    Whatever the case may be for you individually or even for myself,  I find myself with a lot of digestive issues that manifest themselves in food allergies and intolerances; and in my daughter’s case…moderate to severe eczema.  Over the years, I have been educating myself about the connection between autoimmune diseases and the gut and also how having an unhealthy gut effects your brain.  I will be sharing on this blog all the resources I have found and also if the lifestyle and dietary changes I am implementing in our lives has been beneficial for us or not.  Do any of you suffer from any autoimmune disease or digestive problems?  If so, how have you been treating it and is it working?


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