2017 Resolutions

Being a new mom is hard, but I feel it is especially difficult when you have untreated ADHD. I am in the process of seeking naturopathic treatment for it if possible.  The way my ADHD affects me is that, first, I cannot turn my brain off.  I have all these wonderful and completely random ideas, which moves me to want try to do too many things and then I have a multitude of unfinished projects and I get overwhelmed, and thereafter depressed.  Not a very healthy cycle.   I am learning the meaning of true modesty; recognizing what you can and cannot do.  It seems like everyday I am learning something new about myself in regards to what expectations I realistically should place upon myself and others.  We moms are known to be great multitaskers but where do we draw that line and how do we tune in to know whether we are over doing it or not?

Goal number one for 2017;  Learn what you can and cannot do and live within those parameters.  Everyday take note and never be scared to say no to a request that you know you can’t do.

This list is not in chronological order by the way.

2. Take better care of myself.

I am sure every mom on the planet has burned the rope at both ends trying to be a superwoman.  I am not a super woman and neither are you.  One thing that I have struggled to let go of is this archaic idea that if you are a stay at home mom, that means that you should be able to accomplish everything right?  Well you’re not working right?  You have all the time in the world to get the tasks done in the home that back in day the took having a couple of maidservants helping you to be able to do so.   Being a stay at home mom has been the hardest job I have ever had and there are many reasons why.  I will save that for another post.  Moral of the story, you can’t do it all and that is okay.  Delegate, delegate, delegate.  Do it now!  It takes a community to raise a child!

Also part of my goal to take care of myself better includes;  eliminating processed sugar from my diet permanently and temporarily eliminating sugar from my diet while I try to heal my gut.  I also want to find a naturopathic doctor locally that I can afford and to get into a better habit of exercising and writing more.  Writing is a huge stress relief for me and also an emotional enema…which I need often.

3. Finish my medical billing and coding course in 2017!  I do not want to be studying for more than two years…..might as well get a degree then.  I also want to get certified with the AAPC or AHIMA.

4. Manage my time better with taking care of my domestic duties and at home so I can be more attentive to my darling Hope.  Basically be a better mom.  That is my goal everyday.

5. Get a part-time job that I love and can manage with a feisty toddler at home.  (Still not sure if this is realistic but we will see as I get help for my manic brain)

6. Travel with Hope often locally, domestically, and internationally.

In an effort to live by the tenet; less is more. I think these six goals are enough for now.  What are your goals for the year 2017?


2 thoughts on “2017 Resolutions

    • Hi Tia! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog, as I mom I know you had to make the time to do that and I really appreciate it. We have to connect outside of here…


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