My name is Ebony and I am a wife and mother of a beautiful two year old daughter named Hope.  In the mommy blogosphere, it appears that there are all these mommies out there that have it all together. They blog, run home businesses, cook three meals a day, have an immaculately clean house, home-school their kids, and run a farm!  Well maybe not the farm part, but you get the picture.  All of those things are absolutely wonderful and I wish I could accomplish even just one of those things. It’s just not me, I do not have it all figured out. Some days I feel like I would lose my head if it was not attached but I am doing my best and every day is a learning experience.

I started this blog because I want to share my experiences as a mother of color with ADHD and our journey, Hope and I, to heal our guts and live as healthy as possible in this toxic world.  I have many food sensitivities and my daughter has moderate to severe eczema.  I believe that those issues are the result of an unhealthy gut.  I love to cook, I am a nature lover, and a DIYer.  I am a wanna be urban homesteader, wild food forager, fermented food enthusiast, xenophile, bilingual (I speak Spanish and there will be occasional posts completely in Spanish), singer, poet, and a barnacle friend (ask me how I got that nickname).  I love to travel (I am also a former flight attendant for Delta) and I love learning about different cultures.  All that I am and want to be I want to share with my daughter and take you, my dear reader, on our journeys together.